Pink Lookalikes!?!

Pink Lookalikes!?!

Hi all,
I was wondering if any of you are Pink lookalikes?
I am told that I look like Pink all the time so I have decided to give being her lookalike a go. I live in the UK and I am 32, same as Pink!
I am looking for some friendly advice from all you Pink fans please. Can you advise on what I need to adopt and wear to look like Pink. I already have short blonde hair.
Any (kind) advice welcome.
Thank you.


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Thank you for your kind words - and you are right of course. I was just hoping to make some money out of my fortune of looking like her!
Thanks nettylikespink

Pinkalike :-*

I think you should not copy another person but find out who you are; of course she is awesome and looks great, but why should you exactly look like her , it's ok if u have the same hair, but that's enaugh imo Eye-wink

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