P!nk In Concert

P!nk In Concert

I saw P!nk in concert at Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, AZ September 20, 2009. Seeing her in concert was my birthday present to me. The concert was six days before my 52nd Birthday. Yeh, I know I am old enough to be her mother. I am also old enough to know a real gift when I hear it.

Yes, P!nk is cute and has a body out of this world. For me, that is just icing on the cake. I heard her voice long before I ever saw her face. A friend left the "you can't take me home" CD at my place. I recognized the name P!nk from hearing it on "The L Word". They talked about trying to get P!nk to play for a charity or something. I listened to the CD and loved it. Later in a different episode of The L Word, they played "Dear Mr. President", I loved everything about that song.

My draw to P!nk is her voice first, then the lyrics. Although I really enjoyed seeing her during her last tour, I would be in my seventh heaven to hear her perform unplugged or even acapella in a small intimate venue. Her voice is amazing. I would love to hear it without interruption.

I was a musician in my youth, hence my username, my chops are gone, but my ear is still very much intact. There are not many things that have the ability to bring my ears to orgasm, P!nk has that ability.


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I saw Pink`s I`m not dead tour twice she was that awesome. It`s so rare to find an artist with such a powerful voice who can have you dancing like a mad b***h one minute then give you goosebumps the next. Love her so much! Would have sold a kidney to see her Funhouse tour, gutted I missed it. x