P!nk Tour 2011

P!nk Tour 2011

Does anyone known when the tour dates are for next year? I am hoping to attend in Australia or Europe. Cheers

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BRISBANE WANTS YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN BABY! I'll be front row this time, every time I've been to the concerts I've had either a broken ankle or pulled muscles and had the special seating! I want to be upfront!!! I promise to stay out of mischief! <3

Never Stop Smiling!

we here in Canada love P!NK, but i am sure to be the biggest fan. i would do anything to get to a concert here in canada, so please please come to montreal i wud drive the 15 hrs in a heartbeat to see you P!NK Eye-wink I LOVE YOU XO

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I hope she comes to Brazil!!!We love her!

We want P!nk in montreal (quebec ) !! On veut P!nk a Montreal ( quebec) The page we made my mom and I : http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/On-veut-avoir-Pnk-a-Montr%C3%A9al-/339323490017

We wanna a show ! Eye-wink Quebec City... City of Rock! Smiling

I even previously when she was opening for Justin timberlake
Bought tickets to go see it in edmonton, i dont even like
Justin. And then after i bought the ticket i found out she
wouldnt be opening for him in canada and had to sit threw a concert i payed 200 $ for , for someone i dont even like!
So come to CANADA PLEASE. you have lots of fans here!

Is so excited.

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she may in 2012/2013 but cause she's gonna be having the baby. so she probably wants some time off.. Smiling

I hope she can come to Georgia or Arizona... My mother LOVES P!nk!!! I could give her the best birthday/mother's day gift EVER!

She needs to do another US tour !!!! I will be there for sure

It would be so cool if she came to Charleston, S.C.! I would be there no matter what!

i wonder if she has any plan to come to kuala lumpur it will be nice i love her



i so hope she comes to melbourne even if she does a meet n greet in melbourne i would be so haaaaaaaaaapppppy. plz if any1 knows anything bout this plz let met know

i hope she comes to europe!

God, I hope this is true.


"P!nkian until the bitter end"

P!nk's Aussie Hoe

I just heard a rumour that shel b here in 2011 doind outdoor shows. Does anyone know anything about this and where to find information??

p!nk rocks my socks!!!! and my jocks!!!!
my little red engine says: i think i can... i think i can!!!

p!nk rocks my socks!!!! and my jocks!!!!
my little red engine says: i think i can... i think i can!!!

nothings been anounced