P!NK in the UK

P!NK in the UK

Can you please tell me when the BEAUTIFUL alecia beth moore will next be in England? thankyou <3

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awwh as much as i f***in adore her, you's need to chill an give her time to relax an look after her gorgeous baby lmao!
she deserves it dont ya think :3

considerin she will have a new baby, dont think she will be touring anywhere far in 2011. did any1 watch pink essential! sure she has plans to be back in 2012

I wish she would come back in 2011.
But she has a lot of other places to tour. I keep checking to see if there's been any announcements.
Maybe in a couple of years Smiling

Guys, as she has just toured the UK with the Carnival tour, I think she might focus on her other fanbases for a while Australia, maybe New Zealand and the Asian countries that didnt get her Carnivl tour.

Just saying

We're all P!nk on the inside

she said on a radio interview thats she wont be doing one for a while she wants to relax Laughing out loud

'oh sh*te my glass is empty , that sucks'


Yeah, think it'l be 2012 when she's back !!......Would like to think she'd do a 2011 though, then I'd of seen her 2009, 2010 & 2011........Doubt it tho Sad

Just adding to your request......please can anyone tell me when and where I can find any future Pink European dates this year or in 2011?

I was thinking... as p!nk is now on the second leg of her UK tour, would it be possible that she might be on the X Factor as she is in the UK at the time?

i think it will be atleast a year probably even longer until shes back