Searching for the song I touch myself

Searching for the song I touch myself

Hi everybody,

if somebody knows where I can get this song from Pink, please tell me! That´s such an amazing song. I´ve heared it for the first time on her funhouse tour.


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its a cover. the original is by the divinyls but your right the pink one is much better!

'We're All Pink On The Inside, The Beauty Is In Our Differences'

this 1s better

can't keep me down

can't keep me down

Thx for your help. I know that is´t on youtube. I want this song for my mp3!
Oh, it´s a cover. I didn´t know that. Her performance to this song...gorgeous!!! I wish everybody a lot of fun on her funhouse tour who is able to join it. It´s so amazing! I´ve never seen such a fantastic concert. She´s is so lovely! Stay P!nk! Eye-wink greets to all of you from Germany

Have you heard the original?

We're all P!nk on the inside

Here you go, it's a cover:

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

ive never heard it/.. link anyone please!!!!x