Telling You The Real Deal

Telling You The Real Deal


Momma does Crack,
Everythin is jus wack.
people wanna dis,
And I just say "f*** This s***".
I aint f***ing around no more,
I am gonna come out and show what I was made for.
I aint sitting around,
No one is gonna put me down.
My life aint been perfect,
But whose is? we gotta work it.
The World dont give a f***,
and I say "Thats f***ed up".
We need to stop hidding who we really are,
if the world dont like, then they can go away far.
I will embrace my crazy side,
I aint gonna try and hide.
I dont care what you say,
I am gonna get my pay and fight till the last day.


We can make it to the top,
it's just a jump, skip and a hop.
dont let no one bring you down,
just smile and dont frown.
You are beautiful as you are,
follow me and we will go far!

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yeah i used to hide myself but found out its wasnt so much fun.Laughing out loud

Jesus is close! (L)