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this weeks sermon

this weeks sermon

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science and math vs prey and faith or should I say a cost benifit analyas vs charity , should i walk to the store for just the carton of milk or drive even though it cost more in fuel then the milk and only saves 85 steps . community , commonwealth, communication , communion , what we have in common, we have talked of our personnal trinities and our dualities , if you look at our common even amoungst our personnal bodies , our eyes , our hands and our fingers , arms , legs . the reflection without a mirror , the duality of chiose , like Law and your chiose of either side of the house , the two party syatem , community , which side of the track , communication talking or listening , communion - have it or not , the duality of chiose , science and math vs prey and math - the phalisy of progress - The Lord and the thieves on the mount - did pythagorass prey - is math a product of discovery - theft or faith - is the theory of pie faith and belief because its true or a principle of science and math because its true , truth is one paths are many - but is the principle of duality which if you look at the body you know is a fact a reason to war between dualities - do you cut a hand off because one writes and the other doesnt - the stupidity of both war and lack of insight the natuer of acceptance , as the earth and the planets of the solar system and the sun revolve around fire as the core much like our third eye another sermon last week due to the fact that it all is a product of science and math and can be proved even held together by science and math - but if you look closly at this universse you will see ever so closley and slowly that the whole system moves ever so slowly around us , sun included =- Why you may ask or believ it or not , duality and the natuer of acceptance , this miricle or explanation the of a miricle is simple due to the fact that we exist here , so do th kindoms of plant and animal , regardless you are s\cience or math or prey and faith , we prey , it only takes one , a prey from the hear4t , has much power as the trinirty and the seat of the flame - our core the sun itself
pie its amount vs the amount of preys ever said

priase the Lord

peace jjakh

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Love - is it chemicial , emotional or real ?
praise the lord
peace jjakh

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ain't life grand like a torino