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we've been thunderstruck

we've been thunderstruck

Fear is so much our disease that we have forgotten it is a disease ; we take it for granted as the normal basis of all human actions . the Americian UN delegate , with no sence of antthing shameful in the confession , declares that fear is the root of Western foriegn policy . The Army assumes that vast numbers of its casualities will be fear cases : there will be too many atheists in foxholes . Our advertising men base half their art of money-making upon fear . Our psychiatrists found an entire theory of our misbehaviour on it , telling us that the holdup killer shoots, not out of a desire for money, but out of fear of slum ; that the wayward girl picks up men , not out of sexual desire , but because she's afriad of her father ; that the spoiled child throws tantrums , not because he can't have the toy he wants , but because he's terrified that Mother doesn't Love him . Whether or not such interpretations are true , they reveal the mental state of the age that accepts them - an age when , for many , fear are in the way and desire has failed .

Not the whole picture , of course ! Perhaps the great majority of men go on as they always have - stumbling , cursing , but on the whole enjoying themselves . There are still healthy sinners among us , people who get so much out of this life that they are in danger of forgetting the next . There are still Lovers who enjoy sexuality , soldiers who enjoy the adventure of fighting , and even , perhaps rich men who enjoy money . Many are still protected by a fortunate illiteracy from the bombardment of fear propoganda which our books and magizines and newspapers are hurling at us . And there are always the saints , the men and women so close to the Lord that no temporal disaster can shake their eternal happeness .

But the articulate , the leaders of opinion , the policy makers , all those who set the tone of our society , seem for the most part to be frightened men . And how do frightened men deal with life ?

taken from " Smoke on the Mountain "

peace jjakh

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peace jjakh