Wish cognitive

Wish cognitive

We are all Earth's inhabitants , Earth's inhabitants are omnipotent.
the Earth's inhabitants brand building business networks,
Clear truth;People value!

A country's authoritarian rulers (The Chinese Government)= a crime against
Communist dictatorship in China case, to political stability; review,
against the (true) Christianity, the truth has been trampled .......
obscurantism; the majority of people become ignorant and inefficient ....
North Korea's Kim Jong Il ... alliances in support of terrorists, the cost
of human society, too! ! ! !
If we do not oppose the Chinese Communist forces of evil error; then our
children will be harmed!
Error against the evil forces of the Chinese Communist Party!!
The concept of globalization;To achieve the Chinese civilization

Promote human progress.



Firm and clear manner

Conditions I'm sorry, I can not read your text (information)
I can only say; you that the Earth's inhabitants Wish cognitive

The rules of civilized human society needs

From dictatorship there is no real benefit! Market economy has proved;
strength of democracy.

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OGRHR, I hope you're still with us, and we see you on this site again in the future. I can't begin to understand the fear you have to live with, not being able to express yourself and hold your own beliefs if they do not match that of the Government. All I can say is, stay strong, hold your beliefs close to your heart, and never give up. The rest of us will not give up on you.

Are you hiding in the closet
Are you underneath the bed
Did you go for a long walk off a short pier
How come you're not here!

Not only for my personal interest, tomorrow I will be persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party died. And then will turn to you!
My grandfather was the wrong thing because there is no objection I would be killed.

I thought with the least value, I am a human not a stone.

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