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Yoda say's the Funniest things

Yoda say's the Funniest things

He was talking with me just the other day , Over Jack's Daniels that is , and out of the Blue , He jumps ya know how he does , up on the table and starts screaming about Abbidalla , fing this and Fing that , I'm like Yoda ya can't talk about Abbidalla like that , I mean It might be true but what if the Unit boys hear , were finished and theres no way I'm been sent all the way back and out to earth to work in the minds , he cried , I cried , wookky stoppped work on the outsphere projector , he cried , Hans was fried , talking bout some stuff that he and Suka got from some dodgy russian , whatever , we all prctised kaballabaty , and calmed down , stop , said wookky , shh ! shh ! , Unit Boys , we were in this cave in out Beta 4 , wooky just got the projector back up and on line wow , goes the projector ya know what there like loader then AC/DC at the hollywood bowl , we all lowered our heads and said a prey to Ozzie , and just then , sure as acid rain over Washington Dc , in 7095 , A bittallia of Unit boys came Gallavanting around the corner , ya know what there like , the things we have seen them do when its just them , like ther so yes sir no sir , major fighting force when theres others or diplomats around get then alone out some where , boy , wooky , ya need to sedate him, man he turn emerald green in anger , and there obsession with mahatna simple humble solution to mass transport , Ac/Dc, tune bout that , still rings true in all our hears , agian we all lower our heads and say a prey to Ozzie , we there waiting for this Unit force to f off , when out of nowhere , these sister of mercy bregage comes over the horizen , were like you Unit f's are rooted , we sit back , crack another case of Jacks and watch as these mercy sisters rip shreedas out these things , Yoda , I say where's the rest of the last case of Jack's , He hick ups , were all like you !!!!, and then he starts screaming some stuff bout Black pepper mash and the term of here natural life , just then the projector gave out , zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and were all exposed , luckally the sisters in true sister mercy style say , you Jedi are always drunk , shout Ac/Dc , we all lower our head and say a prey to Ozzie , and the mercy sisters clear off ,

Follow Sohies next big adventure , ..........................................

priase the Lord

peace jjakh