Re: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

twistedflutterby 2 years ago

u r awesome and unique as rocked and the song is so where I'm at...but u usually come out with songs right when i need them and fit right into my life. they give me inspiration and hope. also understanding that I'm not alone in the way i feel. heard u r playing @ the i heart radio concert in Vegas...i would give or do anything just to watch u play. because of my health I've only been able to see u play once and that was the funhouse tour at staples and i got that tattooed. i wish i could find some way to be there just to see u perform...hopefully u will come close by San Diego and play soon. i know it's hard with the baby who is beautiful by the way. u and your music have gotten me through so much during my medical issues and soon i will be going to the mayo clinic so they could possibly find a cure they r my last hope and I've almost died 4 times over the last 2yrs and i have a son who suffers from my hospitalizations please pray for me that they can figure out some way of fixing me so i could lead a normal life. until then please keep making music so i can cope with life. ty and luv u....from one of your most inspired fans...Rachael waver