pinks leg tattoo

pinks leg tattoo

hi i'm a massive pink fan and a tattoo fan and im wondering if anyone has a picture of it as i'm new to this web site . I would love for anyone to help

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hey im new to this place 2 n if ne 1 wnt's 2 make friend's wime get bak 2 me eva on ere or 2 b fair my family send me mad so i need sum 1 2 talk 2. get bak 2 me people. also pink's tatoo is awsome


if u go to and click on Tattoo's then there should be a picture of it on there


Amber Hopewell

Check out the old skool forum - there are heaps of pic's there. (top right corner - 'old forums.')

For some reason we can't upload any photo's here - I tried!!

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