another cover song idea

another cover song idea

howdy again .. here's my 3rd cover song idea.... i once a long ago asked u to do with tina turner her ike n tina tune.. nutbush city limits duet or cover.. it was redone . but without you.. i was dissappointed but not with tina's redo just that u didnt get involved.. ah well....

anyways . this time round i hav an idea.... do a redo/cover of the stylistics... betcha my golly wow

tho i think their comtemporaries.. the delfonics hav a few u could select from also.. that would be probably a ton of fun and connect you to past with some coool vibes... check out their catalogue ... songs like .. lalalala means ... and didnt i blow ur mind this time.... awesome stuff. .would give u .. not that u need coz ur pretty awesome.. an extra componet to add to ur ever growing talent...

i dont really dig pop divas and the spears chick is a joke as i thought she was set up to be .... but ur quite something... much success for as long as you want it.. power to ya .. ..

try that too.. do .. lennons.. power to the people.. that would knock every one out .. wink Eye-wink enjoy