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sista 3414 3 years ago


jeimy 4 years ago

She's amazing!!!

Jeimy Salas.

elainehoff 4 years ago

This is by far the best concert I have ever seen. You have bar none, the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.
You are amazing: You're beautiful, talented, fun......... FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cary is a lucky guy and if he is smart, he will never let you go again.
I'm not usually a star struck person, but I get glued to the TV when anything about you comes on.
Keep it up Alesha, you are the best and I wish you all the best.

Dmitry Ruseckiy 4 years ago

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю и в США позабыли что всё надо делать вовремя , как и осознавать что только природа никогда не делает больно человеку. И леди, мисс тоже . У Вас кто её замечает ?

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 years ago

Эх Мисс, если бы не твои TATOO, я бы сразу решительней был.

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

taozawa 5 years ago

That's sexy picture, she is probably the most talented female artist in the world.The tours just get better and better... Last year I saw her, very amazing, such energy, great performance... and that's very fantastic !

Warn Winches
Myasthenia Gravis

Warn Winch
Myasthenia Gravis

Nikki.AM.LD.96 5 years ago

Man, I wish I could've gone to the concert! Looks like it was awesome, and I'm praying for the Funhouse Live CD and DVD for Christmas. I love your outfits, no matter what anyone else says. So. Jealous.

From, Nicole F.
New Jersey

(PS - You look really muscular...I guess being a super cool/acrobat/amazing singer/style icon does that to you. Either way its so cool.)

sarah040176 5 years ago

went to nia in birmingham england to watch funhouse tour u were absolutly amazing and u blew me away with your singing. loves ya.

Benita 5 years ago

YOU ROCKED!!!!! Best show in many many years and girl: you are soooo out of this small world:))))))))))))))))

You have the greatest look, voice and not least such a great personality! LOVE YOU!

channy jones 5 years ago

i wish i could meet her she is so g8!!!!
Channy Smiling

Channy Smiling

pìnkosa 5 years ago

hOla a tOdas/os ,,,, que decir de esta foto?? que me encanta ese disfraz y bueno qe no le qea perfee a esta mujerr!!! jajaja ..simplemente me encanta !"!! ESTA GENIAL



jessbaybeh 5 years ago

FUKIIN GORGEOUS!!! loved seeiin you in melb tha other weeknd! ur soo sexyy , LOVE!!


Lisa Buckley 5 years ago



DreamerAlice93 5 years ago

Just want to say Awesome outfit.

gijanex 5 years ago

pink u look good in every thing xx

DEE CC 5 years ago


MariePINK 6 years ago

Just want to say totally agree with you ! I went to see her on 12th april, she was amazing, id love to see her again when she tours again Smiling

but yeh she is a person, and she does feel what we do! I love her as an artist, as a person as a songwriter! People must see her as a robot who just sings constantly, but she human, god doing all those shows must be nackering but i beat she loves doing it!

P!NK your amazing love Eye-wink


pinkisawsum 6 years ago

luv this P!nk!!!!!!!!
i just want to say that you know all the fans leaving you messages telling you to put out more shows, i dont really think that its nessasary, i mean half of them are already going to one but want another.
im going to one and thats plenty for me, im just happy that i get to see you as a person.
to the fans that missed out, i understand that you really wanted to go and i feel for you but P!nk is already doing like 42 shows in Australia and many others around the world, you have to think of her to. sorry to anyone who is taking this as offencive but im just putting my point out.
Sorry P!nk if this is offensive to you in any way but i am just a loyal fan who cares for you, if you want to put more out then go ahead but this is just what i think, i think 42 just in Australia is heaps and im just watching out for you.
to me your not just an artist, your a person just like the rest of us and you feel what we do.
luv ya P!nk
keep rockin xxxo

LotsaLovee Jordyy xoxo

iheartpink4life 6 years ago

Pink's a pirate! Y'arrr! Anyways, we all love you Pink!

Wild at heart about Pink

sweetwewe 6 years ago

I LOVE U P!nK, I know youre the best ever.....I can't imagine what kind of music i've been listen before U.....I don't speak a lot of english but I'm tryn to do my best, today is my first post here....I'm the first fan here in Peru!!... I dream u come some day here.....I'm so happy cause I feel good when i listen your music....thanks a lot of because of u i'm have a better relationship with my mom!!!.....LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** I LOVE P!nK ***

louanne96 6 years ago

Omg, i was in Rotterdam and it was AMAZING <3.
i have some bad feelings,
'cause the concert is over x'D.
( my english is bad i know ).
i hope there comes another concert too :'D.

mamavantibo 6 years ago

pink you rock
i went to your concert in antwerp and i just ...
i can't explain it!
you helpt me in so many ways with your songs!
keep doing what it is you're doing because you are the best!!!
we love you!!!!

mcrije 6 years ago

omg You're A-Maz-ing!!!!
really how could sombody be cooler than this!!?
yesterday in Ahoy, today in Ahoy and 5 december in Ahoy!!Smiling:)
you rock the world pink!!

xx Mar

jeffhowat 6 years ago

This looks like its goin 2 be better than the I'm not dead tour ,once again Pink proves she is the best live act around today. Can't wait for April at the MEN lov u lots.

maddieletgo 6 years ago

thats the most sexxyest hat i've eva seen? where did u get it?
lmaooo i make myself laugh
cya in 154 days melbourne australia!!!Laughing out loud:D:D:D

xx Maddie


pink_4eva 6 years ago

i can not wait until we go in april Smiling :) Smiling

Please Don't Leave Me ~ #

musicislife11 6 years ago

Pink i love you. You r amazing. I wish i could see you in concert but there are no North America dates yet Sad I hope some come out soon!!!!!!!!

P.s- If you do come...Come to Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!!!

jexlager 6 years ago

P!NK your so Great!!!
I Love You!!!
And I would like to see you at a concert, but no concert is close enough for me (said my mom Sad )
I Hope YOU ALL have Fun at the FuNhOuSe-ToUr 2009!!!

I YOU LOVE P!NK!!!!!!!!!!
(I see you in 3years, than I can go to your next concert!!! Than I´m away from my parents!!! ;-P THAN I´m 18!!!!)

P!nk Is The Best Singer Ever!!!
I Love All Her Songs!!!

britt 6 years ago

it looks great !!
can't wait till tomorrow !!
aaargh it's only 34 hours away, too long Sticking out tongue
omg omg omg
i really hope i can see her !!

britt 6 years ago
britt 6 years ago