Me Just being Me

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BekksRich 5 years ago

However, nice blurry shot. You fooled alot of peeps. Laughing out loud


DeviantJayne 5 years ago

I think that you've taken really nice shot, forget what 'sweetpinkblondie' was saying. Its a really original shot and certainly stands out from the rest. I love it Smiling

{I'd rather [bleed] with cuts of [love]/Than live [without] and [scars]}

sweetpinkblondie 6 years ago

At least you got the FUNHOUSE part right. You should tried the other funhouse mirrors, maybe they will make you look normal. They also have side shows.

BLovesMissP 6 years ago

this is kinda scary - in a good way
but i dont know if you actualy look like p!nk or have the same hair cut

Becca xXx