Elbie Horning

Elbie Horning

It is hallowed, this ground, I stand upon
And at eighty dollars per square foot
It is also among the most expensive

I know I don't need to come here
A special trip or effort is not required
As I can call on her and whe will listen
Wherever I am, but I do that so often anyway
That making a special effort
Is what it is really all about, to me

Placing roses, reading, singing songs
And cleaning the stone, are all things
She would do if our roles were reversed
So simple acts of love or expressing of tender thoughts
I hope make it forgivable
For calling her to such a dreary place

I glance to the spot on her right
Reminded that someday
We will dance again, but not until it is my turn
Whenever that may be

Wandering around I note the other couples
Mostly from farther in the past
And always much older
Checkin the dates it is funny how the widows
Have a knack for hanging around
For years mostly decades after
Their husbands have left

Its an old town and they probably often knew each other
Perhaps sometimes, very well
Their club is always open, and there is always room for more

The gentlemen, however, seem to fare less well
There are some who go on and on but it seems that
Many more are stricken soon after
It's as if there is a tether that reminds them
Of where their hearts lie and to whom they
Despereately want ot belong to again

Then there is Elbie Horning
I wouldn't know him, nor he I
But now he is a hero of sorts, for after Anna left
He has chugged on for another thirty one years

I wonder how he does it
If he has a secret it hasn't made its way
To these ears yet
When I get home at night and greet the
Lonliest part of my day I am inspired by him
Because though I don't know how I will do it
He has proven that it can be done

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Great poem. Hang in there.

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.