Finding my old self me

Finding my old self me

Where is the old me?
that person that i used to be?
i dont even know myself anymore
how i wish my old self i can store

Where did you go?
this new me is so low
i am so quiet and boring
its the old me i am adoring

Its like a whitch on me had put a spell
and now look im living in hell
and no more word i can tell
I used to laugh
i was so tough
but now i am weak
and to bring back myself i seek

Its like in the change of seasons
where i have lots of reasons
to change like this
its the old me which i miss

With my freinds anymore i dont feel comfortable
and I want to fall far asleep on the table
and up i would never wake
I feel like flowing helplessly in a lake

I feel so angry
and with no energy
because my old self me ran away
how i whish i can find it and make it stay
It is hiding somewhere
which is not breathing and out of air

I want to bring it back to life
I whish its not killed with a knife
but to do this i dont know how
and right now i moan like a cow

I want to be the one
and please not a nun
but the one i was two years ago
but i cannot find my ego
it is shattered into pieces
and i am trying to fit each one of them together
just like a jigsaw puzzle but myslef i want to murder

How did i find myself in this situation?
i feel to lock myself in the police-station
My old self had been kidnapped
probably by a monster who deserves to be slapped

I have to keep on searching
maybe one day i will find it
and calmly on a seat i would sit
being proud for what i achieve
and hopefully again i would be mischief

Hope it is still safe and sound
and not lost in a cloud
maybe its somwhere where it can be found
One day it will be ready to pop out
and i would shout out loud
not with anger but with joy
and again the people i will annoy
with my jokes and laughter
but this would only happen after
the new me is lost and dead
i want to kill it
because in this world it wont fit

Oh please my old sweet heart
why did you runaway from me?
what if it had drowned in the middle of the sea?
please stay strong and guarded
beacuse when you are found you will be awarded

How i whish i find the me i once had
and with my new me i am mad
for taking my old self's place
and i want to punch everyone in the face
All of those whom i changed for
but for me my old self is the core
the core of my personality
but it is all shattered
and with this i'm not flattered

When i find you its you i will keep
and away from me again you wont leap
forever its you I will cherish
and again you will never vanish.