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Grab Funhouse for Only $5 at Amazon! (Learning to be a good human being)

Grab Funhouse for Only $5 at Amazon! (Learning to be a good human being)

I am very impressed with your VALUES selection so far in your life choices.

However you may want to reconsider your relationship with Amazon.com. I will be 60 next year and have come to realize that a lot of things that I though were a great deal or really cool, turned out later in life not to look so appealing. Everything has a value, and everything is a part of the food chain. When you try to cheat you lessen the value of things, you start to starve a part of the food chain. This is what Amazon.com is doing by not collecting state taxes on transactions and forwarding the taxes to the states. This to me takes away their claim to Being a Good Human. In the volumes that they process there is plenty of profit. Yet by their failure to participate in our local communities they are eroding the quality of our communities by increasing the tax burden on each of us in our community. There are no free rides everything has a value and a cost. I would respectfully ask you to stop doing business with Amazon.com until they become a Human Being again. (Human Being for good understanding of what a Human Being should strive to be watch Little Big Man the movie). When I was in the US Navy serving on a Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine, we would deploy for 6 months at a time. In order to do this we would take all the food and stuff for 6 months and stack it on the floor in the hallways and then we would walk around bent over until we eventually ate our way back to the floor. Fortunately after the 6 months we could come back to port and get more food and stuff. Well I also serve on another vessel, the Spaceship Earth, and just like the submarine, we have all the food and stuff packed all around us. The only problem is that there is no port to go back to when we run out of stuff. Yes we are able to grow food, however we are not protecting our farm land and water supplies from being contaminated. In my life time the population of earth doubled from 3 billion to 6 billion people, and it is estimated that in just the next 30 years we may double again to 12 billion. So the TRUTH is that at 6 billion people 1 in 6 goes to bed hungry, maybe more. We are all shipmates and need to start to wake up to what our future is looking like, because soon we will cross the point of no return.

thanks again for the great music.