Hit this link and Vote Pink not Palin!

Hit this link and Vote Pink not Palin!


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It's funny Pink asked Sarah Palin to point out Iraq on a map and then just yesterday it was revealed Palin thought Africa was a country instead of a continent. Dumb broad needs to retake 4th grade geography! Thank god Obama won! Hope and change are-a-coming!

does anyone have those pics where Pinks in clown outfit ?

whazzaaaa... xD

Oh Boy ! I cannot stand Sarah Palin ! She gives women a bad name - she is against everything that it means to be a woman ! she is a closed-minded ignorant troll. P!NK & I are both scared of her because she wants to set women back by 50 yrs! She hates women, hates gays, hates animals (hunts & shoots them), hates anyone different from her. She said last week that she would federally make it illegal for gays to marry! Two states, California and i think Massachusetts you legally can get married! McCain said that states should make their own choice about gay marriage . Palin wants it illegal everywhere in America. Palin is like the spawn of satan! She's a hateful, vicious person who wants to take our rights away! She hates animals and will kill them without a conscience! P!NK FOR PRESIDENT!!!! OBAMA 08'

P!NK ROCKS !!!!!

Pink is so friggin' awesome; "...point out Iraq on a map..." (paraphrasing)...


I have a visceral reaction to Palin. She's like W but even dumber and more mean spirited, if that's even possible. Just what the whole world needs-4 more years of incompetence and idiocy all in the name of PNAC. EIGHT IS ENOUGH!

Thank you Pink, for being an artist who's not afraid of voicing her opinions--ever.

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