i wanna propose to my girlfriend at the Pink Concert in Belfast

i wanna propose to my girlfriend at the Pink Concert in Belfast

IF ANYONE CAN HELP IN ANYWAY (getting this letter to someone who could do something about it, or point me in the right direction) PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. conor2lappin@hotmail.com

Dear Alecia ‘P!nk’ Moore,

My name is Conor, im from Armagh, outside Belfast in Ireland. My girlfriend Alicia is a massive fan of yours, and I do mean massive. She has gone to all of your concerts in Ireland and even went to one in England by herself. Something that everyone we know thought was crazy. But she just can’t get enough of you. Lol. She isn’t crazy though.

Well I’ll get to the point. We have been dating for 6 years since we were 15. I’ve known her since I was 9 years old. I love her more than anything else and I would love to ask her to marry me. Maybe this is totally stupid, I don’t know. But I know she would absolutely love it if I proposed to her on stage at one of your concerts.

I know you must get loads of people asking you for crazy things but she really does deserve it, for all she has been through. I really don’t want to bore you, and im not great at writing letters, Alicia would know exactly what to say. She would probably kill me if she knew I was attempting to write to you. I just wanted to ask you, maybe it’s totally impossible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for helping Alicia. Your music really does touch people.

I sent a few copies of this letter to different addresses, hoping that one reaches you, so im sorry if you end up reading this more than once.

Thanks again P!nk
Look forward to hearing from you.


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im gunna hopefully be meeting pink next week, so i dnt mind giving a letter?



LOVE PINK!!!!!!!

Hey Conor,

Im hoping to meet Pink next week but its not 100% but i can try and give pink a letter for you?



LOVE PINK!!!!!!!

that is sweet, hope it will work for ya Eye-wink

You want to propose at a concert thats half dedicated to splitting up?!?! Your braver than me Laughing out loud

I think you spelled her name wrong. Isn't it Alecia?

im gonna be there!!! WOOO I hope you get to do it ;0 Eye-wink good luck!

thats such a lovely idea.
good luck with it.

"Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears, she's f***ing crazy!"


P!NK ROCKS !!!!!

Awwww, that's really sweet. GOOD LUCK!Smiling

Quiet scares me cuz it screams the truth.

awww cute <3
good luck Smiling

'I'm safe, up high, nothing can touch me... How do I feel this good sober?' x

wow i hope ya get it, and i wil be in the belfast crowd that night! Smiling good luck! Smiling

aww, that's so sweet. I hope you get to do it =)

I've got my ROCK MOVES.

I wanted to propose to my girl in sydney last year! didnt happen but good luck hey it will be a dream!

Feels great having a baby with a touch of pink!

That's sweet. When is the show?

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