I was a huge pink fan until i saw the pink "mr presidnet video". wow. what a huge liberal piece of s***. George W was a great president and Obama is a f***in idiot! the country is doing real good pink. maybe more tats and smokes for everyone. you are an idiot and your husband smells like french fries. merry christmas b****es!!!

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Conservatives/religious individuals won't attack the liberals...most of us are not crazy bible-thumpers as everyone suspects. There is a mild and radical side to every different opinion, and I don't think we should be persecuted for those few people. I'm proud to be a citizen of the U.S. and a conservative. But that's just me Smiling

As for all of us needing to be divided-it wouldn't be much of a "United States" if we all decided to separate; and because that worked out so well for us with the whole Civil War thing before ;p

What I also wanted to point out with my post i made earlier is that everyone, no matter what party you belong to, makes mistakes. It takes a lot to run a country, and things almost never go smoothly. I think the aftermath of previous presidents creates new problems for the current ones-Clinton to Bush, Bush to Obama and so forth. It will always be that way, because as you pointed out, NortheastAl, Obama's got stuff to deal with from Bush, but Bush also had to deal with what Clinton left him with as well, and it's too soon to see what the next Pres. will have to fix-democracy is a constant work in progress.

It doesn't really sound like you've ever been a Pink fan, Tharakath. Smiling

I recommend that all countries divided between Conservatives/nationalists/religious and... shall we say humanists... be divided once and for all. We have nothing in common. In fact there is no 'we' anymore. So let's just split up, before it gets worse. Eye-wink

My only concern is how long it will take before the religious/conservatives will make up an excuse to attack us? Probably not very long, I'm afraid. Conservatives, natioanlists and religious fundamentalists generally need enemies to exist. Evil

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hieverybody, that was a very good response to an tasteless and ignorant post. Expressing a disssenting opinion is great as long is it done in a thoughtful manner. Dear Mr. President is one of my favorite P!nk songs and bravo to her for pointing out what a terrible job George bush did while in office. He turned a surplus into a deficit and engaged in two unnecessary wars that cost us countless lives. At the same time, while he was in office our financial system almost collapsed. Its too early too tell as to the effectiveness of Obama. I give him high marks on the Egyptian situation. My main criticism of him is how he handled these wars that Bush got us into. He should ended them as soon as his took office.

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Why do you bash people for having an opinion? I am a Conservative, but you're comment disappoints me. I try to keep an open mind, and so far, Obama is doing what he can for the country. We are in a bit of a hole, as I'm sure you know, and it will take time to fix. If you recall, though George Bush did also try his best to fix the problems, he just didn't do the greatest job, and there is still quite a bit to be done.

Please don't bash people for voicing their opinions. Everyone has independent thought and no two people are the same. Calling someone an idiot because they think differently adds to the problem, rather than join in the solution. Though I don't agree with some things P!nk sings about, she is extremely talented and I really love her music. We all have a right to be heard, and every point of view should be considered.

hahahah tharakath ya so funny mmmmmmm i would really like 2 talk 2 ya about wat ya said i so enjoy talking 2 the ignorant Smiling

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pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

Well, Tharakath, I don't have much to add to what my fellow p!nkians have already said cos I reckon fuckwit just about covers it! Smiling

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Hey f***wit. Did you just join to insult or what. Why don't you show us your f***ing ugly face or f*** off out of here. Whats with the "your husband smells like french fries". Don't tell me you've been up that close to that gorgeous man, yep, real mature you imbicile.

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lol,, what p!nk was singing about wasnt't fact??? yea he did real great in response to hurricane katrina
Is it p!nks fault Obama is president?? he's not her puppet