I know u dont have time to read these comments?But on the off chance u do?When ur here in melbourne on ur extremely successful tour(congrates),as everybody else does ,i was wondering what ur social plans were while ur here in.Once again Im proberly just talin to all the other admirers out there but if u have any spare time id luv to show u round my part of victoria(country)and find out whats under al that.Ill keep dreamin u keep successful ,well done on all ur achievements,australia luvs ya

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MMmmm wine. I must be the most boring guy in the world. I can go to the packie and buy a .40oz of bud and be happy!

Last time I did that (not a week ago) I almost got arrested (yeah wtg for a 30 yr old!) cause I was hanging out my friends car window screaming "What's Up" at the top of my lungs at like 2 a.m

Maybe I should give wine a try?! Beer makes me silly!

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"

She usually goes on a Wine tour of the Yarra Valley and the Barossa Valley.

Thats what she did last time anyway.

We're all P!nk on the inside

Wouldn't she just be the coolest person to hang out with?! I'd sell my soul for an oppertunity like that, but not because she's uber famous; but because she's a person just like the rest of us and is true to that!

PS: I was in Australia for almost a year when I was in the Army. I never ever wanted to leave. I haven't been back since, but it's one of the things I must do before I die! The first is to see P!nk live!

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"