P!nk in Ireland?

P!nk in Ireland?

Does anybody know if P!nk will ever come to Ireland?
Thanks Smiling

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P!NK, get Belfast on your tour list for your 2013, you know were the best crowd to perform to. lol, my entire family waiting for tickets. I ain't missed a show yet. and don't want this to be the first.

I have seen herin Belfast three times but this time it doesn't look like she is coming. Gutted.

hey, i'm new to chat but i'm a HUGE!!! p!nk fan. did either of you see her play the RDS in 2010?? best concert i've ever been 2. anyways did either of you see the live chat yesterday? i missed it coz i was working Sad did she say anything about coming to Ireland or anywhere else in Europe?

Thanks!! I knew she had been to Ireland but I was wondering if she would come back.

Pink has been here LOADS of times.. And whenever she does a European Tour this is her fav place to come so i am sure if you keep yourself updated on this website she will be here as soon as her album takes off! Then her tour kicks off!!!