presale code for Boston show? onsale May 7th!!

presale code for Boston show? onsale May 7th!!

Hey everyone I was just on ticketmaster and it says the presale for the Boston show is on May 7th how do you get the presale tickets? how do you get the password?!!

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AMBROCKS is the password!!!
See everyone on the floor!!
Floor Seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't get the password until it was too late for the VA concert on 9/28, so the best seats i could get were section 110....
i get to see P!nk twice in one week!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you thank you thank you!
Karin Wolcott

Karen W in CT

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABMROCKS WORKED...



1FUNHOUSE doesn't work for Boston. The Boston code is: ABMROCKS

"1FUNHOUSE" nor "1funhouse" is working Sad

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Have you gotten the code yet? I still can't get in either?

The presale code is 1FUNHOUSE