"Raise Your Glass" question

"Raise Your Glass" question

My daughter says I am insane and hearing things:

Does anyone hear the tone in several places throughout "Raise Your Glass"?

Great song! love all your music/videos/escapades, but maybe I am hearing things.

Congrats on the baby! It will be the most interesting trip in your life.

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I hear it too, but only through my earphones!!! It is annoying i'll agree but the song is awesome so i can forgive!!! lol!!!

ive neever herd it maybe i need to listen to it again

I hear it too, It is an annoying high pitched beep intermittently throughout the song.
I too love the song, but the beep is SO irritating.

You're not crazy, I know what you mean.
Looks like the sound of mobile phone.

Hi. Smiling

Ive listened to the song probably a good dozen times in the last day (my new theme LOL...) and i havent heard it. Maybe its your version of it? I know that Ive downloaded things off of itunes before and it got garbled and had to be redownloaded....

I would try that.

"..........lordy lordy lordy, i cant help i like to party, its genetic..........., its electrifying....wind me up, watch me go, where she stops nobody know....a good excuse to be a bad influence on you....."

It is a high pitched, short beep that happens only during the chorus by the words "underdogs", "never be, never be", "little freaks', "glass".

There is only an issue because my daughter says it is not there and I CAN hear it. It does not bother me other than she says I am hearing things. I've asked other people and no one hears it except a kid in her class.

what is the "tone" you think you are hearing?