Show in VIENNA, March 25th - special request =)

Show in VIENNA, March 25th - special request =)

I'm Sabine, a 27 year old girl from Austria and me and my best friend are looking soooo much forward to see P!NK performing live for the 3rd time - this time on the 25th of March, 09 in Vienna.

And here comes my huuuuuge, probably not possible, wish: My best friend's 28. birthday is one day earlier, on the 24th of March and I want to greet her through P!NK.
If it would be possible to drop the magic three little words
in her show, I'm sure this would be a once in a lifetime-experience for both of us!

There is no present I could give her that could show the gratitude I feel for her. She’s always there for me, we know each other since we were in kinder garden at the age of 4. And even when we are many miles apart, our friendship is still there. That means the world to me.
I can truly understand if this is impossible, in this case an autograph will do, too! Just kiddin, or no, wait, this would be awesome of course =)

That's it! What more can I say? I can't wait to hear the new FUNHOUSE-songs live, full of power and emotion. They rock!
Until then, dearest P!NK, stay strong, and don't get sick again, we don't want to miss you like we did when you got ill the 2 times before last.

Huxxx, Sabine