some of my lyrics...

some of my lyrics...

The Masquerade

The world is full of cruelty
We cant find ray of light
Are we that bad in crudity
That no one can survive?

The thing I know
I sold my soul
When first looked in your eyes
It felt so strong
You wore halo
But you were in disguise


Every person I know
Wears his own little mask
Acting like a hero
Loosing his ego
And if we are that desperate
Are we the part of the masquerade?

No More Evil

Heart is calling
To rewind
But now im learning
To leave it all behind
Leave the s*** that I did
cut it out with the knife
Breath in a new and peaceful life

For once I’ll be the master of my deeds
Like eating apple-spitting out seeds


Being ready for whatever
Im trying to give up my sins
No more us, no more together
pushing stop button on spin
Sucking out the poison from my life
Im no more evil
I did strife

Take Me or Leave Me

enough of all these games
its time to let u go
and when the truth reveals
i'll show u i am strong

and though i know
u r the one
u r the only one
i have to go
leave u alone
and care about my own


many times u broke my heart
i swored not anymore
but then
u came up to me and smiled
like it was nothing wrong
i wanna stop being fool for u
like didnt u hear me?
take me or leave me
but dont make me be your nasty girl

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i really like this your very talented (: xx