Australians will today observe a national day of mourning to honour the victims of Victoria's bushfires.

Today we remember the lives lost on BLACK SATURDAY & the lives that were reduced to rubble.

Today we also pay homage to the amazing people who donated their time to help save lives & to those who help rebuild Victoria......

The death toll continues to rises over 209 following the discovery of more human remains over the weekend.

The extent of the damage has left the state, and the country, in deep shock.

Services will be held across the country, with the largest taking place at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena at 11am AEDT.
This will be a magnificent opportunity for Victorians and Australians to come together ... to show our mourning, to show our grief, to show our respect...

Princess Anne will attend on behalf of the Queen.

Please show your support by watching the Victorian Bushfire Service @ home or @ one of the live sites across Australia.....

The service will provide a chance for everybody to grieve together, and will also include a minute's silence for the fire victims.

Bells will ring out across Victoria at 11.00am AEDT to mark the start of the service.

Today will be difficult for many people......Bottling up emotions is not healthy! So the more people are able to outwardly demonstrate that they're grieving, then the better for everybody.

We will all be grieving for the ones left standing amongst the ashes......but remember you are not alone......Australia is a country of big hearts, warm embraces & more pride than than you can poke a stick at.....WE WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

My deepest deepest prayers will be with the survivors.......Know that you have touched the hearts of ALL Australians & many honorary Aussies as well...(THANKS P!NK)!

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"How PROUD 2 be an Australian do u feel @ this moment?????"


Although I always have, i'm a person with a usually very negative veiw on humanity itself.
"People" are destroying everything that is great about this world and seem to be getting Dumber and meaner every day.

But recently, my faith in humanity has been restored and it makes me feel great to know that people will band together in times of true need.

We're all P!nk on the inside



Laughing out loud

Oh Yeah!!! Definately.... Australia really pulls 2gether in times of crisis.... We Rock!!!!!


Hhah its weird,

i feel like this is one of the most supportive and amazing, beautiful and kind and most caring country EVER!!



To 12MLLZIE12......
How PROUD 2 be an Australian do u feel @ this moment?????


I just watched it to,

How sad was it when they made everyone sing,

I am you are we are Australian... Sad

and then they got shots of all the people around Vic and Aus singing it... Sad

Its so sad how many lives and houses have been lost Sad

Victoria is so close, but yet, so far...

All the best down there, and yeaa p!nk, thanks so much, we all love you (even more Laughing out loud)

and i think people that were never fans, are now fans lol.


I just watched the Memorial Service for the Victorian Bushfire Victoms....I cant tell you how much it HURT!!!!