We Want/Need a FullUSA tour 2010

We Want/Need a FullUSA tour 2010

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Enjoy the world, its wounterful to see the places you will get relaxed, celebrated this christmas and welcome the new year by visiting the places aroung usa

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Sadly, the last time I saw Pink live was as an opening act for NSYNC like a decade ago--LOL! I NEED my P!NK fix ASAP! I love going to concerts, but seeing her is a MUST!!!

Hope to see P!NK live someday on her own and not as an opening act like in 2000. She rocks!

Yes! Paperhart!! She DEFINITELY needs to make a stop in OHIO!! Or at least somewhere close like Pittsburgh - I'd make the trip for that! Make it a friggin weekend holiday!

I think in due time, we will get to see pink. We have to think positive. We all want to see you pink!!!!!!! please, please don't forget Ohio

I still haven't had the chance to go to a show... and I want it more than almost anything! I almost went in Philly, as my sister lives there, but OF COURSE it was my sis' bday weekend and she already had plans to be out of town. I dont really have any friends who love P!nk the way I do, they don't get the connection I feel to her and her music, they just can't appreciate all this woman has done for me. I have been through a lot of things though, she has helped me through a lot of pain that my friends have not experienced. She has helped me sit with and cope with my pain, as well as taught me to dance in the darkness. Anyways, I should have just gone to the show by myself. I'm guessing I would not have felt alone at all once I got there. Now I want a second chance to buy tickets and GO, but I'm obviously still waiting... I do think and believe 100% that she'll be doing another US leg though, from listening to interviews and hearing her say how long she is planning to be on the worldwide tour. Keep the faith guys!

Do What U Do

Do What U Do

she for sure needs to tour again in 2010, Her 2009 concert was amazing

To all Pink fans: Alabama would LOVE to see her come here, She is very popular here believe it or not. Adults and kids LOve PINK! SO WHAT was and still is huge here! My favorite is Sober because of the video and the lyrics, well I like everything about it actually. But my point is that the Southeast loves her too. So put in a good word for us and will put a good word in for you! We all love you Pink!

Yes WE DO! My friend and I are DYING to see her!!!!! It's NOT fair! She would fill the hell the outta them over here right now because everyone is pissed because she hasn't been aroud here enough. ( No offense Pink) The U.S. wants to see you too! What do we gotta do to see you come here more often and all over this place?

i would love for her to tour the u.s. again !! we need dates too... espically since so many were sold out! she was amazing in fairfax va, i wanna go again Smiling

So...first of all she totally needs to book more US dates! but jsyk, australia and the UK give her more awards, and she's actually WAY more famous over there. I guess they get each other's way of thinking better? Anyways....maybe she can't make all the big bucks here like she could there, but her American fans are certainly missing out. Especially in the northeast, we need more P!nk, that's for sure!

Do What U Do

P!NK Please continue your tour in 2010. NJ/NY area wants to see you again!!!! Giants stadium is brand new next year.......You can sell out the stadium easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, another go round in the US would be awesome!

soryy i clicked enter before writing. ok so i think in my opinion pink has been in europe for quite some time. we only had 10-12 dates top. i think she should go a nother round and include less known cities all over the us. its kinda not fair that australia and uk is getting all the love. i understand that she may be able to fill up arenas over there faster. but her first and main fans are over here in the states. we loved her for all these years right
comon pink we love u we want u back