What NYC seats did u get?

What NYC seats did u get?

Hey there fans. I just got my P!NK tickets for NYC. Not the best seats but hey its all good cause its P!nk. I got section 203.. what did ya get. Those were like the best seats they were giving me since I am bringing 4 people with me...

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whoo hoo tired my luck again 2day and got section 10,didnt get anywhere closer 2 section 9,lol,damit,now i have 2 be waiting outside the GA doors all morning,god,ill be sleeping at the doors,lol,sometime around 8

I got section 44!!!!!! =) Hell f***ing yeah! =) .... after 3 times of refreshing the page.

got the request. added.

Ok sent u a request at facebook

i work 8-4:30

yeah you are right about that. lol. yes, i do have a facebook. name is Austin Friant if u can look me up.

Damn what time u work? Cause i would say do it at 12 exactly. See if we were friends i would have called them for u and stuff and see what i could have done cause when I called for the Boston ones I told them with an attitude cause the lady was mad that i didnt know she was coming to NYC..LIES..she said ok well we will refund ur money.

and seriously... how in the hell can THAT MANY PEOPLE have ordered their tickets during the presale that i cant even get seats in the 100's? AT LEAST the 100's... makes no sense at all.

I never been to one of her shows but I have been to MSG for a lot of stuff. If ur tall then floor is good for you. not for my short self lol. I dont think our seats are bad but I do understand that it is ur first Pink concert so u want to see everything but I think u will see it all from your seats. But we can both try for better seats tomorrow at 12. call them tell them that you want to see if you can do a swipe out and you will pay the difference. Whats the worst that can happen they say no? At least you got pink tickets some people wont even be able to get to see her. So we lucky already even with our mediocre seats lmao. Do you have facebook?

well i work tomorrow which sucks, and i wont have time to do the ticket stuff, so i dont know what to do. arghhhhhhhh

yeah we aren't that far from each other, but if i can get floor tix i will stand and be right at the stage lol. i dont care about the price! I have never seen p!nk live before. In section 308 i am scared pink will look like an ant from there! Won't even really be able to see all the cool acrobatic stuff she's going to do will i? have you been there before??

I am going to call them tomorrow when they officially go on sale and see if they have better ones and swap them out. I sold my Boston ones back to them they refunded my money for that show. The thing is that the pre sale they are allowed to sell certain ones cause they have to have some for the official day they go on sale. So tomorrow at 12 I will be online checking and calling them up. I hope it works. LOL

Fuuny part afriant is that we not that far from each other. I could look up and see you. The madison square garden website has a 3D kind of view so you can get a feel of what it would look like from ur section its cool. We dont have bad seats. They not the best but it would still be a blast. I feel bad for people in the 400 sections.

i dont do myspace anymore sorry lol. but i have 3 other people coming as well, i dont understand how i couldnt get in the 100's or something. i even called and the lady was all rude so i was rude back. i want good seats lol. and i will keep checking back for good ones and buy them and then return the other ones. hahah.

Yo I was there for mad long refreshing. I got those seats cause I got 3 other people coming with me so i think that was like the only decent sectiong with 4 seats in a row..Add me on myspace maybe we can all chill like before or after the concert. us p!nk fans have to stick together lol

i did keep refreshing and i kept getting the same over and over and over. i refreshed for over 2 hours!

I dont know what was wrong with their site. I was looking up tickets and it kept taking mad long to find some good seats. At times I had to wait like 8 minutes for them to find tickets. I mean the way i see it P!nk is great so we would have fun no matter where we sit. The first ones I got was section 8 on the floor but I dont like floor seats cause I am short and people stand up during concerts.

afriant you had to keep refreshing to get tickets. I kept getting 300 sections so I kept refreshing till I got some decent seats. Add me as a myspace buddy


i got section 308 lol...... bulls***. were there really that many people ordering that i couldnt get ANY closer???????????????????

BS,i tired over and over 2 get GA seats and i didnt get BS and now im trying over and im getting around the 100's,and i dont like those,i like ga seats always,so sad V_V

At first I got section 8 which was the floor but I dont really care for the floor I prefer the elevated sections. i wanted like section 100 but I am bringing 3 people with me and they didnt have 4 seats together for the 100 sections only the 200 and 300. i kept getting the 300 section and I kept refreshing till i got the 203 section. Its pretty good I think.

PS MSG is big but no matter where u sit its pretty good unless u in like the 400 section lmao

I still don't get the seats. Which section is the best? I got section 6. I thought that's the best section......is the floor section not good? This is my first time to MSG, I'm confused.

I got Section 88! yeah!