Ein Brief von P!nk an alle Fans

Ein Brief von P!nk an alle Fans

P!nk hat ein paar Zeilen an euch alle geschrieben. Sie erzählt von den neuen Studioaufnahmen, kann es kaum erwarten, dass wir das neue Material hören (wir auch nicht!!) und bedankt sich bei den Fans. Lest selbst:

"A Letter To My Fans... People of The World!!!

How the hell are you? I trust you are all well.....

Things are going swimmingly, in the studio, as a mommy. My goodness gracious, how life has changed!!!!!!

Studio sessions used to go well into the night... I can vaguely remember having keys confiscated, passing out on Butch Walker's couch a couple of times using a packing blanket as a cover...... These days "bottle service" is more like "bottle warmer"..... but where I used to excel in my drinking capabilities, this time I'm excelling in productivity and vocals... and boobs. boobs boobs everywhere. That little girl can eat. TMI

I am soo soo soo excited for all of you to hear what we've been working on...
I think it's good. I really do- but who cares what I think, right? What matters most is how you feel about it.....

I'm putting my heart and soul into every song and there's a lot of that these days. This little girl has expanded me and what I am capable of feeling as a human. Let's hope it shows:)

Really looking forward to seeing all of you again, dusting off the old dancing shoes and learning some new tricks :)

Thanks again for all the "I Miss You's" and all the constant love. My heart is full. Thank you.
And I love that fan dork dance video. I'm gonna have to seriously step up my geek game- or put Willow to work....

all my lovin' xxx

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düsseldorf 2 Jahre ago

hey P! NK
I think it's totally cool that you'll get another album out, I'm all of your albums since I was a total big fan of you ... I love your music. Eye-wink
I admire you as you have done all this after what you experienced in your childhood ...
I've also seen a lot of terrible because my parents have always abused me and have me thrown out
I totally want to see you once live and once to get to know you.
This is the biggest request I have ...

in love

Pauline95 liebt... 2 Jahre ago

I´m so excited and glad cos of the new album and the concerts in Germany ! *____*
I´ll come to every concert of p!nk Smiling <3
I LOVE YOU <3 ;*