Guest Blog: Justin Derrico

Guest Blog: Justin Derrico

The way I first met Alecia, was through her musical director Paul Mirkovich. Paul called me to come and audition to be her guitar player. When I got that call I was like, “holy shit this is awesome”! I had always thought she was a bad ass artist, so I was super excited at the chance to come and try out.

It was a closed audition, so relatively small, but about a dozen other rated and respected guitar players. This made me a bit nervous because I really wanted the gig and some of these guys were pretty awesome and I was still getting my name known so I knew I had to really kill it.

We had to prepare to play 3 of her most popular songs; Who Knew, Just Like A Pill and Dear Mr. president.

I felt confident in my preparation and skill but waiting outside listening to the other players audition was difficult because if they sounded really good it just increased the pressure and nerves.

The amazing thing was instead of becoming more nervous, as soon as I met Alecia and shook her hand for the first time, all the nerves just went away. I felt a direct connection with her right away, it was almost as if we had met before. It was comforting yet a little strange because that had never really happened to me before, that whole de ja vu thing, but I am a strong believer in fate so i knew it meant something.

I got situated and I started to play. The first song was ‘Just like a pill’ and the rest of alecia’s band were in the room who again were straight off the bat welcoming and encouraging. We started the song and a few bars into it I realised my guitar was so far out of tune it was painful.

I just stopped playing and stopped the band and asked “ Can ya’ll give me a sec to tune this thing?” Luckily they were cool with this and didnt think i was an idiot ha ha. It took me a a few minutes to battle that thing in tune,under the pressure of the situation it felt like a lifetime. It it was a new guitar that I hadn’t had much time to get familiar with.

As I was tuning, I felt the room getting a bit anxious so I just looked up at Alecia and told her.... “Well they told me it was in tune when I bought it” ... She just started to crack up ! It totally broke the ice and from that moment on everything went smoothly and the audition was actually fun, it felt like playing with family.

Instinctually I could kind of tell that Alecia was diggin it so I had a pretty good feeling walking out of there. They had me hang around while they saw the last few players. Then i got called in and they said ‘ Welcome to the Pink Family! “It took me a second to process that I had the job, and then they said “Ok, so see you in a week in Budapest, Bye” I was ecstatic and super excited, but also shocked and a little overwhelmed. It was Awesome.

I learnt the set list, we rehearsed for about 5 days and then headed to Budapest. I was told it was just a small gig... Well it turns out that small gig was in’ Hero’s Square’, for about 125,000 people! JUSTIN DERRICO - Guitarist Yeah ummm small gig uh huh. I was pretty much shitting myself, but we did the gig, it went great and... the rest is history.

Over the Years I have now been playing with Alecia, we have become great great friends and we continue to make each other laugh, support each other, inspire and suprise one another and have a rock and roll crazy time doing it. She is one of the most amazing and unbelievably talented people I have ever met and worked with. Her work ethic and professionalism and daring attitude is something I admire. She brings lots of laughter love and joy to the whole band crew and ensemble that goes out on the road. She has created an amazing family of people who work in her camp so I only hope that can continue.

It is also because of Paul and Alecia that I met my wife.. thanx mama love ya x