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summerloves pink 4 Jahre ago

oh my god my name is summer,thats so co0olxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Adamm 4 Jahre ago

I also went and seen pink at bolton but she never done the box entrance Sad but i later got told that she was late coming on stage and that why she never done it but her gig was amazing & shes a awesome preformer Laughing out loud

quidditch74 4 Jahre ago

She dit this in Berne, but without balloons..... Was just amazing..She really is a great singer and performer... think this wasn't my last concert....

pinks-number-one-fan 4 Jahre ago

she didnt do it at bolton koz boltons crap !! Sticking out tongue

lashies89 4 Jahre ago

she did this at the show she did at alton towers it was out of this world and she looked stunning she really is the best preform ever !!

leighobrien.x3 4 Jahre ago

she jumped out the box in scotland glasgow hamden park Smiling she was awfaa good was a really good show she put on Smiling

monkeyboy 4 Jahre ago

Yeah I know it was disappointing that she didn't do it but I'm going to put it down to health and safety but still it was definitely an awesome show

Firthy32 4 Jahre ago

Didn't do this at Bolton. Any one know why?

oliviasmith1994 4 Jahre ago

Loved pinks entrance (L) best singer ever (L) xx

Gabs_24 4 Jahre ago

Quiero un Show así aca en argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! o por lo menos que de acá se pongan las pilas y sorteen para la gente que no puede ir a verla!!!!!!!!!!.
Veo por internet toso lo que puedo encontrar de pink y me impresiona!! la adoro!!!