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dea, pop fields, experience with us and ussr, makes sense.


looking around apartement who am i to complain about microphones and cameras. got a tv that hooks up to an old playstation and a dvd player. got a curtain that keeps warm humidity in one area and cool air in another. full bathroom with tub. kitchen with gas stove and fridge freeze....

walk outside and highway traffic drives by. kids play at a soccer field. houses around the area seem in decent shape. keep walking and businesses are going about their usual. perhaps with time and transistion going from walking to stores to reading catalogues and mail order to computer shopping........

going from little info or slow communication to instant with some areas still expanding. going from cold war or world wars to currant day. yes some are still hard wired but others are open minded even if some are rather pushy.

still, something to look outside the box and to do comparisons. today isnt so bad.

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