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Big Trouble 3 Jahre ago

Well I think this Photo is how P!nk is.She can change from Rockstar to Funky & that is awsome.The pink hair goes with it all I mean without the pink hair this would be nothing.P!nk changes evry time she has a new album."Can't take me home" well had one rock song "Most girls" with all the other more of a pop songs "There you go" & "You make me sick"
"M!ssundaztood" was a hip thing with the songs "Faimly Portrait" it was saying i want this family together.
"Dont let me get me" had a good beat it was also on her newest album in 2011 "Greatest hits so far!!!" with all the other songs."Try this" had "Trouble" (which is why i got BIG TROUBLE) was her only greatest hit on "Try this" also had a great beat.
"I'm not dead" had most of her greatest hits."Stupid girls" saying just i dont wanna be a stupid girl."Who knew" saying you said you'd be here it also had "U+ur hand", "Nobody knows","Runaway" & "I've seen the rain" she rote with here dad.
"Funhous"is just a fun album with her best shot "So what"
Thank you.