Missing passwords for presale tickets

Missing passwords for presale tickets

Ok, get an e-mail saying if I pre order the CD from iTunes before 10 on 26th October I get a password to allow me to buy tickets BEFORE general release. SOunds to good to be true and apparently it is! Despite pre ordering and downloading the aforementioned CD the passwod for the tickets is still a miss even though I have (as they advised) checked my e-mail daily sometimes even hourly. and yes I have checked the spam and junk and nil.
Tried contacting Ticketmaster but they have shunted me back to iTunes who as far as I can see you have a maze of links to get through till you can even contact them about it.
Please put my mind at rest and tell me I am not alone in this, and please please PLEASE if ANYONE knows how and where you get the password tell me Sad

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Please note that customers who qualify for the Pink iTunes presale will be sent their password by iTunes this evening, 30th October. If you do not receive your password, please contact iTunes directly for further assistance.

I haven't got mine either. There is a page about it here http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8362703&#8362703 on the Itunes site. Think they are going to send them out last minute.