email for presale tickets

email for presale tickets

hi guy's , i have been trying for ages to get tickets for any of pinks concerts in ireland and by the time you get through to the ticket shops or ticketmaster they're all gone . i was told to join the fan club and see if i could purchace tickets here , why i never thought of it in the first place i dont no , so if any one can help me on how to buy tickets or get presale ticket codes can you please help . dont want to miss her again this time round or i'll pull my hair out , dont want to buy off ebay . thanks guys
Tried to post this earlier but only getting the hang of this now

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for a lot of fans, unfortunately ebay is the only option. A huge chunk of people buy tickets as soon as lines open and sell them for 5 time as much...bastards! but ebay is fairly reliable and if u are that desperate to go and see her, ebay is probably ur best bet! Sad

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