got to love the system set up in this building. one word gets you cut off as i would have to travel to the library.

oh well.

Laughing out loud

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$260 for a cool business card and sore hands the next day.

so much for the $80 budget.

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just dont throw me in that briar patch(laughing)

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oh dude
i forgot to tell u sooner. im gonna name my next cat Dragon now xD

1 vodka
2 vodka
3 vodka
when i get up gimmie sum more

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

pictures do indeed look different given time but i wouldnt think that different. i mean i know its los angeles and all but..........

perhaps its coincidance and they just happen to have the same name.

i dont know.

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democrat health care sounds "jolly" to me. wire them with things to jolt them one way or another, create ways to make them paranoid and sell the solutions making them dependant on your particular system.

bravo. not the technology but how its used and just who is behind it.

really, things were different if one pays any attention to history. to think, there was a time when there wasnt even a cold war either.

imagine that.

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riding a bus home one day the news on the bus tv states that the most killings occur during the month of august(heat?).

go to strip clubs and run the "amabarrasing" scenarios there, live in an apartment that is bugged and filmed for years, ride trains and buses that have there various quarks and annoyances as they tend to repeat again and again. and still the instant access of information from one place to another through the varius securitys to try and run off the townfolk is still in play.

dad worked in the pentagon helping secure the country so individuals can set up systems like this?

am i missing something here, perhaps i just dont get the punchline if thats what this is supposed to be. external annoyances, voices and shocks in hospitals............

what an interresting place this is. no wonder the economy is so bad.

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smile, your on candid camera.

Laughing out loud

wonder if teddy is stll being credited for prescotts work on dvds speaking of envelopes. to think, the building movie was hancock-

"call me an a**hole, one more time"

after all the nightmares lived through that does seem more realistic now doesnt it.

thought my first los angeles room mate looked better as a girl on the bus the last i saw him. curious if he still has that bondage and blind fold fetish?

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now there is a cat name for you. dragon.

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i thought the diamond was blue? will have to pick up ear rings on the next trip if i remember.

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playing piano and auburn hair. something about the somber lighting. lovely.

looking at the mtv guide it appears as though videos dont start until 3 am and stop at 9 am. for the rest of the time its "reality/commercial" tv.

i am breathing.

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how do you feel this good sober?

"We are all pink on the inside. The beauty is in our differences."

If ears have tastebuds, Pink is my umami.

i thought mtv was a reality show channel? you mean they still have music from time to time? noticed ms perry is performing across from where nickelodeon films atleast thats what is on the sign on sunset. wonder if she is related to the journey lead singer?

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bus on the 7th and no tv for virtualy a whole month. this ought to be interresting to see what the brain does(laughing).

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chess invititation once again. not much more i can do. watching the clock. tick tock tick tock.

i type out the faces and the picture shows up. must be the gaps between why yours doesnt appear.

so many notebooks, so little time.

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loosing track of time. hop a plane and what was today turns out to be yesterday. time might be the same but its not the same time everywhere you go. and just when your used to one area its time for another one.

only 9 states, 12 nights and one stop in canada. again makes me wonder just who set this up?

different strokes for different fokes. perceptions and realitys.

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ah, sleep.

hey babe[s]...

long time no [what ? ]

just passing tru

how you doin' alecia ? : ))

how you doin' p h ? : )

lots to read/browse... later dude )

jethro tull was 3 citys not 2. rock island tour with elaborate broadway set up with backdrops and all in richmond virginia, wheel chair tour at dar constitution hall d.c.(last time i saw butch, annes brother), and the drum lesson tour at hob sunset strip los angeles where i returned the bus key having used the same bus on a previous tour but forgot to give the key back.

i wonder how ian is doing with the salmon farm?

well atleast it didnt take as long as "taking lives" to get to.

Laughing out loud

nothing like the memory of the spying/ jester joke the washington times had before coming back to los angeles.

Laughing out loud

remember seeing "serenity" in the universal city walk theaters. mir and a indeed. another dvd i have to buy at some point. Laughing out loud

just watched something on octopuses on nat geo i think it was. to think how huge they are, the little spaces they can crawl into and the things they can crush. and the grip? woah. something to watch them and jellyfish swim. wish i had a fishtank again.

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and like that, the interview is gone.

what a weird trip this continues to be.


diagnosis of diabetes when about 1 (insulin treatment/nerves), only child, average upbringing, normal low blood sugar seizures, blacking out, waking up with extreme headaches and blood from biting tongue or falling.

colorado, shock treatment and insulin overdose(mom gets settlement check, suppsedly for college fund which went for psych hospitals).

epilepsy diagnosis- tegretol and phenobarb perscribed, tired feeling, dreams intense, seizure black outs and low blood sugar experiences.

concern- metal overdose, signal intensity, who and what goes over the airwaves.

dad taught spirituality, warfare/possesion. seems the knowledge is there now but how and when is it best to tell a kid just what has been done to them or is it best to just let them go through this?


and to think of the groups cooperating with the signals as well. this isnt a joy ride i can say that much. as my neighbor sits right next to me watching me type this. my own box or jail.


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black eye? "recall" thoughts.

the eternal flame never dies.

now there is a thought. go backwards with the pay scales. when a person starts as a dish washer or cashier or sales person or laboror give them hundreds of thousands to start and as they go along decrease their pay. after all its not like the ones that stay for long periods of time are the ones actualy working right?

once again, numbers.

think i will watch "pi" again.

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motivation and lack there of.

heinikin beer comercials are getting interresting on history channel. didnt know just how easy it is to write those. funny.

to think, this posting thing started originaly to talk to just a few people.

thanks for the comment.

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lets see if i remember all these correctly-

"if you move breath or do anything wrong i will rip the skin off your face, pop your eyeballs out and skull f*** you" per fairs direction of course.

then there was the guy from chicago with the rosary beeds talking about if marriage was involved throwing them into niagra falls. this at opcc in 05 just a few blocks from universal music.

now its people in universal shirts talking garbage at the library downtown.

if i dint know any better i would say that someone is trying to instigate something.

hmm, interresting.

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i dunno if its apropriate to post here on your thread Smiling

but sometimes its really interesting reading - just wanna share this with you

take care now, bye-bye than!
if there is no beer in heaven - i wont go there!
Lickity lick not so quick it's a
Slick ride make my mink slide
'Cause were all pink inside

if there is no beer in heaven - i wont go there!
Lickity lick not so quick it's a
Slick ride make my mink slide
'Cause were all pink inside

lets see now. did chemicals legal and ilegal, walked streets, visit strip clubs and watch adult movies...........

and i am supposed to feel guilty about watching a woman with a cereal box walk infront of me?

since when did you go from rock/pop to gospel/christian?

even the devil can quote scrpture to suit his purpose.

interresting how the mind games continue, one gets used to them and it becomes like there is no one there at all no matter how much noise they make or how much like someone else they might appear.

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the technology of patriot and its various uses.

Laughing out loud

yes i liked schindlers list. look forward to seeing the holocaust museum when i get back to dc.

Laughing out loud

i consider myself a decent human being and will continue to help where possable.

Laughing out loud

reminds me, i should put my sweats in the laundry at some point.

Laughing out loud

its a strange feeling being stalked by those you would think have stalkers themselves. and again the question comes to mind

"who is supposed to be stalking who here?"

only seen 2 movies and watched the interview yesterday at the library. pehaps they can date one of these september 11th 1969 but of course you werent even born then.

focis- family outreach community intervention services. montebello california.

gaylord hotel, bar b que, mike, strange stalking feeling as the term "bit**" was used.

"call me a bit** again and..........."

ever seen the movie "forgotten" ? interresting that should be mentioned considering i just found it at the library yesterday, but of course you were else where so how could you know.

10 years.

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i wonder if smarter than a fifth grader and any osbourne shows will taping in the same place as dancing ?


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get dancing with the stars and chelsea lately tickets at www.ocatv.com as directed by abc site.

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brady's tic tac toe. not exactly global thermonuclear war. does get one wondering though doesnt it.

yoga instructor reminds me

its been about 10 years now.

actualy this started even before psychiatric institute of washington d.c. or jaxx.

quite the class here.

of all the roles i get, just my luck.

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dr luis west, "jolly" system still works in santa monica UCLA hospital along with trains and buses. even pointing out where the bathroom is gets me a shock.

alexis love meet mya harrison. the universal connection. quite the GO game going here isnt it.

and the strip clubs say i think to much(laughing)

go figure.

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wonder if ricky still has that baby blues cartoon i mailed? still no ukalelee. Laughing out loud

watching a scientology documentary is like reading a tom clancy book. sifting through the facts and fictions.

Laughing out loud

still getting moscow times emailed. to think that communication wasnt so easy not to long ago.

Laughing out loud

oh, and the signals recieved are probably based on the area your in.

Laughing out loud

strip clubs? why? oh, thats right. get turned on and as you exit they intstigate the energy.

and they call this school?

uh, okay.

born tripler army in hawaii, dad transfers to san diego- sea world, disneyland......... he builds floats as mom works around theater with peanuts play. frankfurt- dad does the military thing as building r/c planes is a hobby, mom manages building we live in as art studios and pubs with live acts is her thing. my trip to hospital......... family goes to new jersey on way to colorado- fitzimans medical and lowery air force base. scouts, sports............ mom does credit union accounting as dad goes from missle training to graphic instructor. transfer to virginia as dad does pentagon and mom does other government stuff. in middle school mom takes me to co workers house across from godwin middle who is into r/c models......... parent seperation.........hospitals.........first girlfriend.......graham..........rape.......... clinton years.........

entertainment seems to be narrowing into a few blocks. management fishes buying tabloid media time getting entertainers and outsiders "hooked".

bus or train, it seems the same. they poke and the voice speaks. inside and out as the "media/entertainment" companies fish.

a long drawn out way to draw military into non military events.

welcome to the media.

"russians dont take a dump without a plan, son."

Laughing out loud

for hire- tabloid media instigators wanted in the los angeles area.

how many seasons of sarah connor chronicles are there now? just checked out season 1 that ended rather strange. dont think terminators can explode in such small cars given the material they are made of and all. yet another one to do a google check on. didnt see the benchmade knife surgery episode so there has to be atleast one more season that hasnt made it to the library yet i think.

number and wandering hasnt changed. give notice before showing up at front door. notice given.

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medical insurance/health care-

insurance is like a bank account. several people put their money into it. while others dont use it that often others do so the numbers move back and forth there.

for those that dont have insurance or cant do the banking thing there are the various clinics that already exist.

banking, wall street, numbers floating around.........

and people put together a huge stack of paper to take more of your numbers and use health as an excuse to do it?


there are systems already there its just a matter of expanding and taking care of whats already there in the first place.

Laughing out loud

reasons why i dont do men anymore? okay

1- rape

2- attitudes

3- scruffy

4- taste

5- gagging

6- discomfort

i think thats enough for me to say that i am not gay though i have questioned and tried it.

thanks but no thanks, to each their own.

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can someone check the record player please, i think its skipping.

Laughing out loud

yes, there was a man i met who i learned later worked the culinary managent area for universal who after suggesting a cooking job and undergoing the interview process drove me in his corvette back to his place to roll around. and yes i walked hollywood blvd and gave felacio.

is there a shortage of gay sexual instructors or something? as i recall even after doing so well i got negative treatment in return.

this is all on record already.......


Laughing out loud

ice and a trip to the soda machine. that sounds eerily familiar.

Laughing out loud

your alive. i am happy.

spirit of america on sept 11 and try to see pink at patriot before heading home the next day.

missing dc. except for dupont circle, something about a disaster area if i recall correctly.

Laughing out loud

seems someone can operate the system on a manual basis. not everytime a different race is around does a voice occur. as i said this "flyfishing" thing is becoming quite typical so its easy to see that any esteem really isnt.

its all part of the science project.

and yes the voice works in the subway and yes i heard something negative.

local signals, national signals and global signals..........

interresting how workers cb radios can work in the tunnels while cell phones do not isnt it? look at my cell and "coincidently" a radio starts talking.

like i said, getting all to used to this.


Laughing out loud

sorry for what? your not the one being irritating. one gets used to these scenarios after awhile. gets to be like shawshank redemption wondering how the "fresh fish" are going to react. the people that step on toes dont have access to nuclear weapons or know global military movements so whats the big deal? atleast some shower and wear deodarant before sticking their armpits in my face and as for elbows they arent so bad. not squeezing my crotch, thanks.

in the beginning it was dificult but after awhile it gets old and repetitive. one way to look at it is comparing it to being in an isolation room for awhile with no attention and then getting attention of any kind.

atleast, thats one way to look at it.

Laughing out loud

elizabeth rocks and love the soundtrack. havent seen dylan yet.

Laughing out loud