Birmingham NIA Fri 17th

Birmingham NIA Fri 17th

Once again a fantastic concert from my favourite artist, just got back home and loved it! had heard great things about the Sober performance as my mate went last night and i was disappointed as Pink did not do this song and acrobatic part of the show?? i'm baffled as to why she skipped it was it would have been probably one of the highlights if not THE highlight of the night!?? plus my favourie track! was such a shame and i really hope i we get a chance to see it on October if any of you are going back to Brum?
any ideas as to why this stunning performance was cut out?! Gutted.

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Yeah it was wicked. She is well cool. Just bought ticketsto see her in manchester next saturday too lol

Oh at least you got to see taht then! It was mental when she dropped from that trapese thing in get this party started we were all just like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol she's so cool!

Yeah she performed Glitter in the air which involved hanging in the air and when she performed Get This Party Started she did some crazy spinning thing in her harness too

Wow i can't believe she didn't perform sober for saturday night's lot! I wonder why she didn't do it? Did she do any kind of acrobats then?

Yeah sober wasn't performed and we were gutted. i was really excited for that performance

I saw her on thursday night she was absolutley amazin! Which performance didn't she do with the acrobats? Was it Sober?

Snap. I was so hyped up to seeing that performance. I actually got upset because of it. Dont you think glitter in the air was amazing? Oh my god, i want to go again, going to try and go again in Oct when she is performing in Manc