Bring Pink to Darwin!! Facebook group

Bring Pink to Darwin!! Facebook group

Ok, so not really sure if anyone but fans actually reads this, but I've started a group on facebook to try and gain support to get Pink to Darwin, Australia. Initially, it was started when we heard the announcement that Pink was the new 'face' of the V8 Supercars. The local (oh so reliable =) newspaper had a front page teaser making us believe that it was possible she could come to Darwin as part of the V8 series. I quickly realised that a clashing tour date in Europe meant there was no way in hell this was going to happen, but.... I'd already started the group and people were supporting it. So, I figure even though Pink won't be here for the actual race weekend, chances are she will come to Australia at some point after she's finished up in Europe in July. One can only dream hey! lol.
Anyway... after exactly 1 week of setting up the group, we now have just over 1000 supporters and it seems to be growing every minute! It's actually almost addictive sitting here each night refreshing the page to see how many people are actually supporting this! Crazy huh!?? =D

So, Pink, if you do actually read this stuff, we'd really appreciate a gig in our great city. It's pretty much the only one you missed from the Oz Funhouse Tour! I did manage to meet my bff in Sydney for the weekend to catch your last show, so I'm not complaining too much! =D I just figure that Darwin really deserves to get some great entertainers here and I'm sure you & C would love it! I'll even get the VB in the fridge for you. hahahahaha
And, for all the fans out there that may actually come across this post and read it, please feel free to check out our group on Facebook. If you want to join to support the cause, we'd all really appreciate it too! Just search the group 'Bring Pink to Darwin!!'.
Thanks heaps! x
~ B.

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Well, it seems the facebook group 'Bring Pink to Darwin' is still going strong. We now have 2010 members... lol. Will report back when we hit 5000. Hopefully won't be too far away!

Ok. So does anybody, let alone the girl herself, actually read these things??? Am I losing faith? =D

Some comments from members of the Facebook group - Bring Pink to Darwin!

I went to Brisbane to see her and it was AWESOME!!!!! I would go again any day! Darwin would fully get behind her coming here!

darwin needs pink so lets get her here


I promise that if Pink performs here, everyone of us darwinians would all turn up!

Pink will have our motors running if she came to darwin for the v8s. PLEASE PINK come to darwin.

Damn yeah!!!! We need more overseas acts up in Darwin! We always miss out. Everyone loves P!nk!!! She's hot and she's a great entertainer. Her concerts Rock!!!! Darwin wants P!nk!!!! Bring P!nk up to Darwin!!!!

P!NK - we NEEEEEED U!!!!!
U'd LUV Darwin, it's almost as hot as U R!!!

Just a quick update... the facebook group 'Bring Pink to Darwin!!' is just about to hit 1500 members. Seems to grow by at least 100 people per day and has started getting a lot of local publicity! Please support the group -!/group.php?gid=91678783071

~ Bec.