I went to a concert at the NIA Birmingham on the 16th April, I loved the concert so much, that I have searched and searched for more tickets, and so pleased I found some for Manchester, in October, can't wait. and managed to get lower tier seats next to the stage, 2nd row back, so such be a fantastic veiw.

Pink you are the best.

The concert is amazing, loved every second, and can't wait to see it all over again.

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Me already marking off the days on my calendar going back on 31st October, it was so amazing i still cant get over how anyone can do acrobatics like she did and hang upside down whilst still singing perfectly and make it look so effort less!!!!
A pink concert is one of the only places, if not the only place in the world where you can experience every single possible emotion in such a short space of time, i cried as she entranced last time...amazing!!!

nice 1 Eye-wink me, mum, dad and ma mate are going again in october Laughing out loud

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....