Doe anyone know ?????

Doe anyone know ?????

Just wondering if anyone would know how to find out if things that were given to P!NK's Roadies to be given to her would ever have really made it into her hands ?????????? I am only asking coz it was stuff that had been made especially for her and I am a HUGE fan. !!
It was given in Melb on friday nite........
PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey dcic,

Yep saw you on tv too, ofcourse camped infront of V that day!!!!!!!!!

I'm going again 23rd June, YYYAAAYYY!!!!

I'm GA by myself though, not sure how I'll get a good possie without you!

Had so much fun that night, got to dance and scream like no-one's watching, best respite I eva had!!!

We're all p!nk on the inside xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melbourne girl,

It was a pleasure 'clowning' around with you at the show!!!

I seem to have become quite the clown icon lol with people I hardly know recognising me on tv, internet etc HAHAHAHAHAHA what a laugh...

i have nine sleeps to show 3 and I'm as excited as ever!!!

Hopefully I'll see you round!!! You can't miss the wig Sticking out tongue

DCIC the crazy clown

Enough said

Don't Just Sit back, Speak Out!!!

Trust P!nk... Forget Stains!!!!!!!!

Enough said

Don't Just Sit back, Speak Out!!!

Trust P!nk... Forget Stains!!!!!!!!

oh my god if thats true i'll die!!!!!!!! i gave her a teddy in belfast and also gave her one in london with a not attached but it was swept onto the floor and afterwards i demanded it back because i thought it would just be thrown out!!

Hey, saw her on sunday night in melb, had front row on floor & security put all the stuff thrown to her on the floor inside the barrier right at our feet, after the show I asked the guard what happens to them and he said.......they are under strict instructions to take them back stage and they are seen as precious and must be looked after!!!!! He said most performers just leave them on the floor at the end of the show so they just get thrown out, not our pink!!!!! I guess that goes with anything given to her????? Hope that helps;)