F-In Perfect - thanks

F-In Perfect - thanks

I wanted to personally thank you for this song. This song was probably the one that has most moved me this past year. Being someone who feels less than perfect on a regular basis, perhaps because of my own lack of accomplishing my dreams, or because of the lack of support; this song moved me to tears and helps me to realign myself. I often feel underestimated by others. Thank you for reminding me to keep my head up. Please, and I mean Please, keep it up!


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you make me smile in the morning when I wake and look at this sleeping woman beside me. I have always used the expression "Who Knew!". She laughed when we met and started playing your song when I was around. Now, two years later, we have a deep respect and love for each other. At my age ...... In love with a woman. Who Knew. lol
Thank you for your music.

I'm a stay-at-home dad with two girls. Thank you for this perfect song. My girls are 8 and 6 and I don't want them to ever feel less than f***in' perfect! I know they will sometimes-- and I want them to sing this song loud and strong! Very cool.

Dear Pink,
I am writing to thank you for this the perfect song. You will never know what it means to me and my best friend. I am 41 years old and recently My best friend told me that I was perfect to her and made me go by your cd. But first I listened to it on utube and watched the anti-bullying video version. And it was me almost and my best friend endured so much with me through all of those years I really hated myself because of the torment I daily experienced at school, on the bus, everywhere I always wanted to kill myself, but my best friend she somehow kept me going. As an adult I always felt like that continuing the destructive behavior. But at 25 I was hit by a drunk driver and sustained a traumatic brain injury with midline shift that changed my life. One extreme to the other then I knew I didnt want to die and was so glad I did not. But I had buried all of the hurt all of those years. I missed so much of my bests friends life while I was trying to tear mine apart but she still endured. I missed her weddings, I missed her baby boy being born, I missed her mom dying, she's in Florida and I live in West Virginia. I see her very rarely, She is a RN, I am just a disabled woman who mows grass, and cleans and does what she can, and I have kind of hidden myself for years because I am afraid of everything. But her birthday recently acutally the same day Whitney Houston died I just tried to tell her what she meant to me and she said go buy this CD Pink and listen to this song and all the words its like me singing to you and you singing to me! She had not seen the video on utube and did not know I would come to the computer to listen to this song until I could go and purchase it. Because of this song I was able to see that I had not let go of all the pain I went through and it hurt but was freeing at the same time. And for my best friend to tell me what I had longed to hear as a child even at the age of 41 was the nicest gift I have ever had in my life!!!!! of course I love the other songs on the CD but you changed my life with this song. When I watch tv and news and there are so many cruelties with kids bullying I wish I could do something to help I havent found that thing yet. But you are amazing and I wanted to thank you from everything within myself for a song and words I have needed all my life from a small child. You are amazing. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!