Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

hello my name is Natalie. A very huge fan!!!!!

I like to make some new friends who r pink fans like me.

I'm hoping to go to my first pink concert next year.

I know it said i'm a huge fan but every time i've gone to buy tickets it been sold out....

hope to hear someone soon...

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I almost missed out attending the I'm Not Dead Tour but did manage to buy my tickets off Ebay at a price!!!
Seen her in Wembley and Brixton also.....i have been well and truely bitten by Pink and now im hooked lol....
Going to Birmingham and London O2 next year, hopefully be seeing you all there!!
Cant believe that Pink aint coming to Cardiff next year, every other region but not Wales, even tho it was a complete sell out....grr lol
Speak soon
L xxx

Hi Smiling !!

My name is Isabel and I live in Portugal ..

I like meet you ..

Send me a mensage !!


Ass. PinkGirl

Hi thought I would reply as I am also a huge fan of P!nk! She so rox!! I been to I'm not dead tour and it was fantastic. Am also going to next concert I already have my tickets ordered. Sooo excited!!! I really suggest you definately go this time. I can only say how sorry I am about what you missed so far. P!nk is absolutely brilliant live and I really enjoyed the last concert. So get in early and get your tickets pre-booked if you can.