Hoola P!nk!

Hoola P!nk!

Hola P!nk!

My name is Yukency, I am from Venezuela. Do you know my country??? South America. Well, I don't know if you personally read this, but I just want to say: I like your music and your style, I think you are real, honest.... I like that... I have to be honest I am not the kind of person who knows everything about her favorite singer I don't watch TMZ or read magazines about your personal life, I just know that you your music rocks and you seem to be such a nice crazy person.

I would like to ask you where are you coming to France. I am from Venezuela but I am in France teaching Spanish in some in primary schools, For me, It would be very difficult to see you in Venezuela if I come back because tickets are used to be very expensive for me, but here in France I think I can afford it. To go to one of your concerts it is on my Bucket list (Like the movie), you know??? things I have to or I would like to do... Well, let me know please...

Besos para tu hermosa bébé.
À bientôt!!!!

P.S: Sorry, for my grammar.

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