I am homeless and free, in a week your stuff will be safe !

I am homeless and free, in a week your stuff will be safe !

Its only stuff but its chapter 2 only to me , 34 % OF V BUT YOU DO NOT MOVE , oil royal is here and nobody messes with that , the green and gold nazi is sacked , they have 2 choses , here at peace or there home land botwania , there beginning and there end , this is not much but all comes here and milk is free, to stand and be strong is to have the true power of the Lord , for the Lord is in your heart forget faith and Love just believe and this time we are many and from all nations and undefetable , it is them that must face themselves for we have already have , students of life they really are , the most aggrassive , it is not us that are wrong or right ist's us that see and those that don't , it is them that refuse , and for that there homeland is ther's or war or peace , I see you or is it me , my heart is free , business is exactly that not busy ass , you stay and all comes to you as we grow with wortheness , they will and do complain , but it is time , my home I wished as a gift of worthyness , but of them it was not to be , so here we are with many and all from all nations and they must leave , for we as all have grown and they have not , it is there vengence and greed that they for all time can not see , for truth be known we are thee, long tooth and all , picture yourself there because you know you have been . welcome home my friend , and the milk is free ,

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see you soon , and all and no body is doomed , education ,

love , the Lord