The "If You Seek Amy" controversy.

The "If You Seek Amy" controversy.

What do we all think?

I personally think it's very clever on Brinteys part.
Censorship is huge in the US and is often taken way too far. I think she was trying to stick it up them by making it very difficult for them too bleep what she is saying.

She obviously did it to see what reaction it would get anfd look.....the US media are running around like headless chooks saying it should be banned and is extremely offensive.

Meanwhile Britney is sitting back with a smile on her face, watching it all go on around her.
Madonna has been doing the same for almost 30 years, yet still people never learn.

I say good on ya Brit.

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haha i get it now! thats funny Laughing out loud

I agree with some of wehat you said about Britney being in it for the money.

But i still think it was done for the reason I mentioned.

Britney has been having issues with the media for a long time now and I think it's her trying to get back at them!

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"Naughty language" seems to be much more interesting to use by performing artists in countries, where it is specifically forbidden. But even in Denmark, which haven't had any legal censorship in many years, it seems that the anglo-american tradition of (dare I say: primitive?) censorship begin to affect the public media in a much more visible way than say 10 or 20 years ago, simply because the popular "gangsta" and hip hop culture's language are now being used by many schoolchildren.

Spears' little wordplay is clever enough in itself, but basically it changes nothing, because Britney doesn't insist on her freedom of speech (I guess she hasn't many interesting statements, anyway), and the only result of the whole affair is the usual, automated media circus of staged "public indignation", which has become a political business in itself. Actually, I don't see any reason to be impressed by Spears' little media stunt. So far, it has only served the purpose of drawing ridiculous, unreflected, commercial media attention to a somewhat uninspired musical artist, who only seems to be in this business for the money.

If you disagree, then please tell me, where I've got the facts wrong?

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oh right, haha, sorry that was a ltittle blonde moment. i was wondering what the hell that meant for like ages, and then i just realised. god i am so stupid sometimes.

haha. Keep saying the title of the song and you will notice it sounds like you are spelling a certain word.

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what is the "If You Seek Amy" controversy???!?!?