Let me Love

Let me Love

For something
That may or may not

So I sit and wait
And hoping
That this time

Will not last
For it is
Doubt that troubles
The most

How will I find
Myself in
This malady
What makes

Me, something
Other than myself
What truth
Will wisper

To me in my
Time of need
And oh I need thee
More than ever

Bless me
Show me the inner
Thing that
Makes me whole

Let me feel
What I need to
Feel when elst
Numbness rules

Give me passion
Let me love
As never before
Fore I live

And I am so
Capable of love
Yes I am

That twould be
A shame to let
It fall upon
Dark shoulders

Let me live and
Love for I am
What I am
So greatly

And capable
I am of loving
The one who
Has not yet come