Liverpool Concert - why was it cut 20 mins short?

Liverpool Concert - why was it cut 20 mins short?

I love going to Pink concerts as she gives it her all but was disappointed and felt let down last night when the concert finished at 10.40pm at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

The ballet scene was cut out and the trapeze act - which is the best bit.

I saw the swing tied up. Why did this happen? Could you not do it for health and safety reasons at this arena or were you not 100% fit.

There must be a decent reason as I know you wouldn't do this on purpose to your fans

A reply/reason would be greatly appreciated.

I still love your music, think your album is fab!

Thank you


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To Cathdiago..........that is sooooo predictable and funny really.

My response was due to reading NOT YOUR comment on this post but that of smileysimone. I actually thought what you said was fair enough but if you read sounds quite selfish to say "feeling let down as a paying fan" when quite obviously she hurt herself.

I think if you're gonna call someone protective then look no further than your own nose hunny because you immediately jumped in and ASSUMED my comment was FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU which it wasn't!!!

I suggest you wander past this post luv!!!

Signing out xxxxx

Hey Sal

was only asking if ther was a reason she cut it out "as i knew she wouldn't do it on purpose to her fans"

i knew there must have been a good enough reason. so get down off your high horse, I wasn't being selfish and I didn't know she had been injured which is why i sent the post asking ppl on here.

you need to chill out and stop being so over protective. really, having a go at a massive Pink fan for wondering what was wrong with her. just wander on past this post Sal, uv got it all wrong

Oh calm down - you all know she wouldn't have cut short her show on purpose. It's kinda obvious that it must have been down to an injury - as p!nk's fans, surely you wouldn't have wanted her to keep going on the trapeze with a hurt wrist??? Also, can't believe someone has quoted "feeling let down as a PAYING fan" - c'mon, give her a break. You should be wishing her a speedy recovery from her injury instead of feeling conned - gawd - some people amaze me with their selfishness honestly!!!

Signing out xxxxx

yeah apparently she cut her arm on the trapieze

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

she cut her aberdeen show half an hour short! again no trapeze etc. i felt robbed!! lol. was she hurt or something? xx

She did the whole thing on Friday 1st May, so must have been in last stages of recovery when you saw her.

If only life were like a Disney Movie, a storybook tale all wrapped up in beauty.....

Thanks Nicky. Maybe she does have an injury, I know she wouldn't cut it out on purpose as she most probably has worked v.hard practising.

I went to the MEN arena on Sunday 26th and thought she was amazing and lived up to the last amazing concert I went to (I'm not dead).

I think because I had already seen the show, I felt disappointed that the best bit was cut out but if you hadn't seen the show before, than you wouldn't know anything different...

Hoping to see her again in Oct, maybe her wrist will be better then.

Hope the rest of her tour goes well!

Hi - I was at the show last night and thought it was fantastic!!!! I have heard that P!NK has injured her arm/wrist so was unable to do some of the acrobatics...

Hi All,

I went to see Pink for the first time last night, and OMG she was amazing ( i DIDNT WANT IT TO END). I am now gutted to find out part of the show was cut out, and feeling let down as a paying fan.
If I had gone 30 miles down the road I would have seen the whole show.....not fair.