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Pink and Queen

Pink and Queen

Since Pink is acutally covering Queen now, I find it appropriate to fantasize about which Queen songs that actually suit Pink's vocal range best. Below are my humble, but quite serious suggestions for further Queen covers by Pink:

It's Late
Rock It (Man, I'd love her doing that flamboyant 1 minute intro!)
Save Me
Ride The Wild Wind
Hammer To Fall

The Queen fans can judge for themselves. The rest of you ... well, just feel free to complain about me starting a thread about Queen in a Pink forum. Eye-wink
There is nothing wrong with Pink's own catalogue. But her powerful r&r voice, which is so rare today, is just perfect for the legendary, difficult classics of rock music.

My sole excuse for this is simply that I've never seen Pink's band enjoy themselves as much as they apparently do during the "Bohemian Rhapsody" cover on the Funhouse tour. Like Pink, Queen had a strong tendency to mix (mess) up & play with very different musical genres.
The critics hated them for it, just as they hate Pink for doing it today...

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Queen's songs are or at least sound really hard to perform imo. Under these circumstances Pink's version of B Rap was pretty good. I think "I want to break free" is my fav after that one though and have a feeling she could make it sound even better than her B Rap cover.

Long life to Fred.

I guess he was just one of the kings of exentric and i like that.

yeah seven seas of rye she would do that song well
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yeah seven seas of rye she would do that song well

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

Remember, remember... the fifth of September!

This is indeed a special day. Please celebrate the 63rd birthday of the most fascinating singer and rock music entertainer there ever was. Sadly, his life ended on the 24th of November 1991.
You all know who he was: Freddie Mercury (Farookh Bulsara):
It's A Hard Life
You Take My Breath Away
I Want To Break Free (ext. ver.)
Love Of My Life
The March of The Black Queen
These Are The Days of Our Lives

Pink may be the 'king of pop rock' someday. But Freddie will always be the queen...Eye-wink
Happy birthday, Freddie. We still love you.

I yam what I yam...

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Here's another 'elderly', angry blues thing that could work for our lady. It ain't Queen, though. And it would need a bit of 'polish' to really shine.
Ten Years After - A Sad Song

I yam what I yam...

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Could Pink do this one as well...?

... and could Justin do this?

I yam what I yam...

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I have a secret fantasy... which hereby isn't secret anymore!
I wanna see Pink perform "Seven Seas of Rhye" dressed as a bare-assed devil painted burnin' red complete with horns, tail & pitchfork. Laughing out loud

If that's not gonna happen (God, forbid it), she has to perform "Fat Bottomed Girls". I have no dresscode guidelines for that performance... but a large pink (stuffed) tracksuit would look nice, I think. Sticking out tongue

Some of the really cool artists are the ones that aren't afraid of looking ridiculous. Pink's already doing a real good job in that respect, I'd say Cool

I yam what I yam...

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Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my favourite songs - you can imagine my reaction when my favoruite artist began singing it at her concert!!



bohemian rhapsody was on our local radio today loved it ahahaha

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

I would love for P!nk to do a live cover of We will rock you! That would be amazing to join in to live
'If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!'

'If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!'

NO ONE is a 100 times better than Queen. That's above discussion. Queen's works had so many layers, overdubs and harmonic details that any musician (and Pink and Justin as well, I guess) knows that many of Queen's tunes are about as close to perfection as you can possibly get in rock music. In fact, they were so perfect, that Queen themselves had quite a bit of trouble performing them live.

... So in that respect I guess you can say that Pink's live cover of "Bo Rap" is just as good (or even a little better) than Queen ever managed to make it sound live. However, I still think that this one is the best version of "Bohemian Rhapsody"... but let's see how good it sounds, when Pink's "Funhouse Tour" DVD is released.

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OMG bohemian rhapsody is amazing! 100 x better than queen! i wish she invented the song first! she is a star! i saw her sing it live at the o2 for the first time, her vocals are amazing and she has the full package


Comments like these just makes it more fun to view clips on YouTube...

And yes, Pink: Please cover "Fat Bottomed Girls"! Cool
Surely, covering an outrageous song like that would probably set off the whole bisexuality-media circus once more... but it's either that or more pregnancy rumours anyway, or so it seems... Eye-wink

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So far, we have seen Pink dressed like a pheasant and Napoleon Bonaparte... But will we ever see her wearing a crown...?

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I saw P!nk at the M.E.N in Manchester on the 25th April (2 days ago) and I was blown away by her cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, her vocals were amazing!

I enjoyed the concert so much, as did my friend Ryan, we're booking tickets for her additional shows in October! I'm very excited!


Although I haven't listened P!nk's cover of Queen, I guess it would be wonderful! Smiling
I think "save me" and "rock it" would be so matched with P!nk's poweful voice (IMO) and she could even do them better as she used to. Smiling
Anyway, for me, I prefer P!nk singing her own songs to other artists'.

Half ok, Christine!
Laughing out loud

pink did u get it ok ?

can't keep me down

Thanks, Euro!!! I am waiting to dl now. Smiling
I'll let you know when I get it.

@ Christine
I did and it had the attached file with "Bo Rap". As I've written in my reply Hotmail has an attachment limit of 10 mb, which makes it OK for exchanging single music tracks, but most HQ YouTube clips exceed that limit. I don't think that any free regular mail services support more than 20 mb, so there is quite a big step up to the 400-500 mb per file, which is allowed by the free online file sharing services.

Btw., today I received both "Pink Live at Wembley" (2007) and "Queen Rock Montreal" (1981) on DVD. Even though I of course have seen the Pink Wembley DVD before, I'd say that each of these DVDs display the best official live releases of Pink and Queen respectively that I've ever seen or heard! Freddie often had a tendency to skip the high notes at concerts, even though he was such an extraordinary performer. But in Montreal he was absolutely flaming. It even beats his legendary 1986 Wembley concert. You can find most of the Montreal concert clips on YouTube.

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euro did u get my email? did it work ok

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You can email me by using my username at hotmail.com, which happens to be the same as my username in this Pinkspage forum... Eye-wink

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euro wots ur email ?

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hmm i will have a serch about Eye-wink let me see

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OK. Pinkfavourite. Here it is.
I chose Easy-Share. It has a 17 second countdown. After that, press the "Free" button & then press the "Download" button on the following screen.
The Zip file is the same as yesterday.

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Hi friend,
No problem except www.depositfiles.com from your list!

"Another One Bites The Dust" is a funk-rocker par excellence.
Pink singing "Fat Bottomed Girls"? That would certainly draw some attention. It would certainly satisfy those fans who think that Pink has become too stylish/posh lately... What a great idea! Laughing out loud

Two good choices, Amoorerocks. Pink's vocal is easy to hear covering both songs.

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We all know she rocks at "We Will Rock You" her voice sounds amazing in the Pepsi ad.

I think she should do "Fat Bottomed Girls" or Anotherone Bites The Dust"

We're all P!nk on the inside

@ Christine

It is my experience that bit torrent services such as uTorrent, Vuze, eMule/Donkey etc. are often blocked by ISPs. Many people are also hesitant to install these p2p services... probably even more so after the verdict against the Swedish "The Pirate Bay" service yesterday.

How would you find the Paris & Rotterdam amateur clips via Google, if they've only been uploaded to YouTube - which Pinkfavourite doesn't have access to?

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why dont u just type it in 2 google Laughing out loud i my self use u torrent

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Oh, don't worry about asking. I'm always intrested when it comes to seeking out ways to bypass internet restrictions made up to block information Smiling

Tell me which of the following online file sharing services you have access to?

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Thanks a lot Kasper Smiling
Although I hesitate to tell you but I have to, I am not ok with that, too.
Laughing out loud
Don't worry! I am serious, I won't give up to find! Then I can give some complaints on you, lol.
Sticking out tongue :P Sticking out tongue

i wouldent think so EuroSiti cuz it is pink

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@ Pinksfavourite:

Here you go, my "access denied" friend Smiling
Pink as Freddie and Plant in Paris

The ZIP file contains the best YouTube clips of her Queen and Led Zeppelin cover at the Paris concert back in March. In addition there is a live MP3 version of her "Bohemian Rhapsody" performed in München in Germany about a month ago.

- I hope the board moderators won't ban me just for posting download links to amateur YouTube clips...

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Oh unfortunately, it shows "access denied"!

Performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in...

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u cant find it by pink cuz its a queens song but no dout some1 will have put it on somewhere Eye-wink

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I still can't find P!nk's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Will you do me a favor and send it to my email? Smiling